Nomination Process

Nominations are open to the public. Nomination forms are available at the office of the district athletic director, the high school office, CSD #4 central office, and on the district website. Anyone may submit a completed form to the athletic director for consideration.

All entries must be submitted on the official Grandview High School Athletic Hall of Fame nomination form. All nominations must be on file by March 31 to be considered for selection that year. Persons responsible for nominating individuals shall inform those individuals of their nomination and are responsible for gathering all information on their past achievements and meeting any deadlines set by the committee.

The Athletic Hall of Fame will have a maximum of 30 inductees the first year. After the first year, there will be a maximum of five inductees. Members of the selection committee and their immediate families may not make nominations to the Hall of Fame. Nominees must receive votes from â…” of the selection committee to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. All nominations will remain on file for five years from the last nomination and after that time must be re-nominated.

Any nominee who does not receive a vote within the first three years of being nominated will be removed from the voting process and must be re-nominated for any future consideration.